About Us


Creating rare, unobtainable styles from bygone eras to the highest standard is no easy feat. It requires countless hours of dedicated research and development. It necessitates working with only the best craftsmen who can reliably and sustainably bring to life such unique vintage pieces. It means standing apart from the fashion industry and residing in the underworld of mens style.

And yet, Cathcart Heritage is the one brand to rise to the challenge and realise the hopes and dreams of vintage enthusiasts. 

Cathcart style is unmistakable. In an era of timid menswear, Cathcart returns quality, style and attitude to the industry. Throughout a range of clothing and accessories, from 1930s three piece suits to selvedge denim jeans, attention to detail is the consistent theme. No button, cinch-back or lapel is spared the keen eye of Cathcart Heritage. All details have been studied and crafted with a deep knowledge of history and functionality. Built to last a lifetime, Cathcart Heritage prides itself on quality craftsmanship.  

Since its founding nearly 10 years ago, Cathcart has dressed men of all walks of life- musicians, doctors, artisans and businessmen- all united in their affection for vintage. A lifestyle brand at its heart, all Cathcart Heritage goods reflect the brands ethos of rarity, attention to detail and robustness.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a core concern at Cathcart London. We always manufacture with 100% natural fabrics and materials, so that our clothes are biodegradable. The excessive use of plastics in the industry has led to major landfill and environmental harm, something we stand firmly against. All of our factories are fully ISO approved, meaning that our workers operate in excellent conditions, are paid a fair wage and make a huge effort to limit their carbon footprint.



Company Information

SJC London Ltd, registered in England and Wales with company number 10876051 and VAT registration number 282116224.